Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Ancient Times there was a PRAYER for: "The Stranger Within Our Gates"
Because this home is a human institution, we hope that God will grant you peace and rest while you are under our roof.
* May our place be your "second home".
* May those you love be near you in thoughts and dreams.
* When you leave, may your journey be safe.
We are all travelers. From "birth till death" we travel between eternities.
* May these days be pleasant for you.
* May you be profitable for society.
* May you be helpful for those you meet.
* May you be a joy to those who know and love you best.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Manti...... Nestled in Sanpete County Valley, and surrounded by the magnificent mountains of
"Manti Lasal National Forest"....you will find the Kik-N-Bak Inn.

This wonderful home was constructed in 1901 by a Danish ship builder.

Fast-paced life, and time, will be forgotten as you visit here.

Located in the heart of Utah's farmland, this area is filled with local traditions and un-hurried living.

Population: 2,500 Altitude: 5000ft.

This quaint 2-story home will bring you back to a quieter, more relaxed attitude.
The wrap-around porch in front is a perfect spot to re-evaluate and ponder.

However....there is much to do in this area from Mountain Excursions, to watching a movie at a Drive-In Theater.

Main Street, which is within walking distance, is the hub for many small local businesses that hold treasures of days-gone-by.

Also, you can safely walk the streets and admire homes and friendly people waving "hello" as they drive by.

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